Questions about Salary Pt 1: Wonder Woman Case Study

I can already foresee this topic being a multi-post segment. Salary is something that fascinates me, because I am starting to learn that there is more to it than previous realized. Also, since I hardly make enough money to survive/cover my living expenses, I know now in hindsight that I have made many mistakes and poor choices. This realization has been incredibly tough to swallow because I went to college and have always done “the right thing.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not referencing my college education to claim that I automatically deserve a six-figure salary. I only mean to emphasize that I followed the steps and took action to try improve my salary–that I didn’t just sit there and expect for it to happen. I have always tried to better my financials but with it never rising to respectable level, I started looking out to the world for knowledge. There could be something that I missed or some task that I failed to complete. I am starting to uncover that salary/pay is a highly complex issue. I search for what I can discover, so that I can share it with you.

It is relevant and essential any working soul to be as enlightened with income as possible.

So, enough of my blabbing and onto the topic at hand–Wonder Woman. I wanted to reference this article from Glamour (you can click on ‘Glamour’ or use the link referenced below) which explained how the gorgeous star of Wonder Woman–Gal Gadot–earned only $300,000.00 for her role. As of this post, the movie has already earned $397 million in the domestic box office alone.

I’m sure most people would be happy to earn $300,000.00 and I personally joke how that’s probably all I’ll earn in my lifetime of employment. But I still feel annoyed on Gadot’s behalf, you’d think I was her sister since I am that bothered by it.

I hope that she will renegotiate more for future roles because she is earning what many top actors make per television episode despite starring in a feature full-length film that is guaranteed toys sales and sequels.

The happy ending to this story is that Gadot is not bothered by her salary and I am glad to know she isn’t troubled by it.

Learning about her salary has given food for thought towards the question of what actors should earn in their roles. Most people would probably laugh, shouting that they are paid what their “name brings in” or something along those lines. I have to ask, why? Why is an actor only paid by the perception of their name? I can think of countless movies which bombed, despite their big-name headliners. Gadot could have been in countless projects but then this happened to be her first starring role. I find that to be insulting, because if someone has the experience, wouldn’t that be enough for a higher paycheck?

In the land of Hollywood, I would think not.

It’s all connected to the perception of your name. To bring this all in, what I am starting to learn about salaries is that a lot of it has to do with perception–what people think you should earn. Even though we all might not be Hollywood actors, a lot of those same assumptions of what we should earn are placed upon us. Unfortunately, by us taking those lower offers and not fighting for more pay (which I am certainly guilty of) we are doomed to earn drastically less than we should.

Even if we might be grateful in the moment for what we have, the problem lies more over time when we started to realize how often we’ve been denied the opportunities that we deserve.

In the end, we can still appreciate our life and be happy for what we have. Yet on the side, educate ourselves and make wiser choices.

I guarantee that we all deserve (and are worth) a little bit more.

Final Questions (because I can’t just ask one): How much does perception play into what salary I am currently making? How can I make smarter choices in regards to my pay, so that I always appreciate what I have?



“Studies have shown that 90% of error in thinking is due to error in perception. If you can change your perception, you can change your emotion and this can lead to new ideas.”

–Edward de Bono

Glamour’s article explaining pay:

Glamour article referencing Gal’s opinion about her salary:

Wonder Woman Box Office:






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