Why does kindness=an assumption of weakness?

As a friendly person, I often feel misunderstood. Like I am this continuous Pollyanna that has nothing better to do than to paint rainbows and eat cupcakes.

It’s super annoying sometimes, because I feel like the real me gets misconstrued behind the perception of how I should be.

Just because I laugh all the time doesn’t make me vapid, just because I have a cheerful persona doesn’t mean I’m endlessly happy, just because I smile doesn’t mean I lack substance…

Rather than explain this over and over, especially since many people don’t care to alter their perceptions, I figured it would be best just to capture I felt in the words of this blog.

I am always on the quest for truth and substance and will share with you whatever I find. I hope so much to convey how I feel on the inside, but to connect and reach out to others who feel as I do.

Image credit: pixabay.com